The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas 2019

The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas 2019

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Best Baby Shower gifts are ones that are useful, functional, and unique. As you get older, more and more friends will start to have babies. This means you'll be invited to more baby showers. It's typical for everyone to bring a gift to the baby shower for the baby and the mom. However, you don't want to give the same gift as everyone else. Most people bring baby clothes. This is a no brainer since baby clothes are cute and affordable. However, you don't want to give the same items as everyone else. The best baby clothes have something unique that sets them apart from the other gifts. If you choose the right brand, you are sure to win. One of the best brands available today is called Free Birdees. Here are some of the best baby gift available today. 

1. Baby Coveralls

Every baby looks adorable in baby coveralls. They come in a wide variety, and they are easier to wear than regular newborn baby clothes. The best baby shower gifts help the mom on her new daunting task of motherhood, and baby coveralls are super easy for the mom to take on and off their new bundle of joy. Anyone with a baby knows this is especially helpful during diaper changes. You can even get ones that look like costumes for a unique baby shower gift.

2. Baby Footies

The best baby clothes always come with baby footies. Babies get cold feet too, after all. Plus, the booties keep the babies feet clean and safe. When you buy newborn baby clothes, look into matching baby footies to complete the ensemble. Many people get footies for newborns, but you should consider getting footies that will fit a baby as they get a little older and the newborn gifts no longer fit.

3. Diapers

While it's a bit on the nose, diapers are one of the best baby shower gifts. The fact of the matter is that every new mom needs them, and they will continue to go through them at surprisingly quick rates for the next two years. Buy a set with a number of different sizes so that the new mom is prepared when the baby starts to grow. If you want to get more than just diapers, consider getting cloth Diapers like the ones from Bum Genius which can be reusable saving on ongoing costs. 

4. Softest Baby Blankets

Softest baby blankets don't only keep your baby warm, but they also offer a high level of comfort for your baby. No matter how many softest baby blankets the new mom has, she will still need extra for when the baby throws up or has an accident that escapes the diaper. Get one with fun designs for a unique baby shower gift. If possible, feel the blanket before you gift it. Or, you can go to a brand that you can always trust to be soft and comfortable.

5. Luxury Baby Clothes

There are a number of clothes available. Don't let the baby in your life wear typical newborn baby clothes. Make them feel special with high-end, luxury baby clothes. These clothes are made out of materials that simply feel better. Other people will be able to tell the difference, too. Luxury baby clothes are generally brand name. However, they don't have to be. You can also get clothing made from high-quality materials. 

6. Bibs

Babies can be quite messy. This is especially true during meal time. The food tends to get on the baby instead of in the mouth. Luckily, there are baby bibs designed to catch the mess so that it doesn't get on the baby's fancy clothes. You put it over the baby's front. While it may not eliminate all of the mess, it will certainly help. When soiled, they can be washed and used next feeding. Since they are designed to be spilled on, look for dark colors if possible to hide any stains. 

7. Softest Crib Sheets

Babies don't only need the best baby clothes. They also need the softest crib sheets. Give the gift of comfort and peace. Free Birdees has a variety of options that you are sure to love. When picking the softest crib sheets, think of the color scheme of the baby's room to help coordinate. 

8. Hat and Gloves

The best baby shower gifts are practical as well as attractive. If you live in an area with harsh or moderate winters, you want to make sure that the new baby will be warm as well as adorable in the snow. That's why you should consider has and gloves for the baby that will help keep their little ears and fingers warm. 

9. Softest Baby Pajamas

You want your baby to be comfortable while they sleep. Free Birdees offers some of the softest baby pajamas that will feel great to the touch for both you and baby. The baby will feel like they are floating on a cloud in their softest baby pajamas, helping them fall asleep. There are also plenty of options, so you're sure to find a pair to make the baby look especially adorable. 

10. Baby Newborn Gift Set

Free Birdees and a number of other companies offer fantastic gift sets that provide a number of items all in one basket. The baby newborn gift set can include everything from luxury baby clothes to toys and teething tools. There might even be something in there for mom! One baby newborn gift set may not be the same as the other ones, so be sure to examine each one to determine which one will make the most unique baby shower gift.
New moms need a wide variety of clothes and other accessories for their baby at all age ranges. Get them something they need while also making it something soft and cute. Look for any of the above gifts, and the mom to be is sure to be grateful. The best part will be when you see the new baby in the clothes that you bought.